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Integrative Physical Therapy focuses on identifying the driver of the disease or dysfunction, not just pacifying the symptoms. It can help us become aware of faulty postural, mental, emotional, or movement patterns that keep us from enjoying full health and wellness.

To me, what distinguishes Melanie as a therapist is the high level of attunement she has with each client. Said another way, Melanie brings all of her faculties to a therapy session—not only her training, knowledge base and experience, but a repertoire of personal attributes such as attentiveness, perception, intuition, generosity, integrity, and good will—her whole higher “SELF.”

Jocelyn K. Liebig, BSW

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Melanie Michaels


In 2006, I opened Mind, Body, Soul Physical Therapy in Eagle River, Alaska. Through mainly word-of-mouth referrals, the practice has steadily grown to include the clinic in Eagle River and in 2011, the Boise, Idaho clinic. With the help of Meg Vandergon, PT and some tremendous office help, the Eagle River clinic has continued to have open doors for former and new clients.

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