Mind, Body, Soul

Integrative Physical Therapy

Integrative Physical Therapy focuses on identifying the driver of the disease or dysfunction, not just pacifying the symptoms. It can help us become aware of faulty postural, mental, emotional, or movement patterns that keep us from enjoying full health and wellness. For example, a feeling or belief of unworthiness can manifest in forward, slumped posture and pain in the neck or thoracic region. Changing the words in the mind to “I am worthy” is the key to restoring balance to the system, in addition to postural retraining and soft tissue releases. Integrative Physical Therapy is an approach that encompasses the person as a whole, addressing the mind, body, and soul; the emotional, mental, physical, and energetic aspect of the being

Our Modalities:

craniosacral therapy

gentle touch designed to enhance the functioning of the membranes, tissues, fluids, and bones surrounding or associated with the brain and spinal cord

myofascial release

a cousin to craniosacral therapy, another gentle touch technique focused on the release of restriction within the myofascia, or connective tissue

somatoemotional release

 a process that occurs with the release of tissue that is holding emotional tension

Egoscue postural re-education

 approach to identifying postural deviations and then individualized exercises to bring the mind into increased awareness and the body into improved symmetry and posture

visceral manipulation

 gentle intuitive approach to interacting with the organs, or viscera, to restore mobility to the tissue

I came to Melanie in 2011 following my fourth knee surgery.  It was instantly clear that Melanie has a firm understanding and belief that everything is connected: mind, body, and soul. Melanie was the first Physical Therapist to treat me as a whole person, not just a knee injury which has resulted in a deeper more whole healing.  I have continued seeing Melanie the past seven years for anything from cranial sacral therapy, myofascial release, Egoscue Postural Alignment, and many other integrated modalities. Her practice and her approach to healing have forever changed my life.